Post-Graduate Scholarships

In 2018 the University introduced a number of Post-Graduate scholarships specifically aimed at students competing in sport at a performance level.

For golfers who have likely completed 4 years of undergraduate study, playing at a high level of competition, this opportunity is perfect for those who wish to continue their studies at a world class university whilst still competing. In the UK we are not bound by the same regulations as say, the NCAA, and therefore a post graduate student is eligible to play a full season for the University of St Andrews.

A student successfully receiving the scholarship would receive the same support and benefits as our 600 Club Scholars and be a full part of our Performance Golf Programme.

There are over 1000 post graduate students at the University studying in the different faculties of Arts, Divinity, Medicine and Science. For details on the courses available please study our Post Graduate Prospectus

The scholarships are limited to International students only and will offer financial assistance of at least 50% of the tuition fees, the details of the different tuition costs can be found here

Non-International post graduate students interested in joining the programme on a scholarship scheme are still encouraged to contact the Head Performance Coach to discuss what may be possible. The feedback from our previous post graduate students is that the decision to be a student golfer in the Home of Golf was the best decision they ever made!

  • “The golf programme they have at St Andrews is a great option for players who want top level academics but do not want to compromise on the quality of the golf programme - it's a special opportunity to be a student athlete in the Home of Golf.”
    Claude Harmon III
  • “Living, playing and studying here in the Home of Golf is a truly unique experience”
    David Watt – Director of Golf, University of St Andrews
  • “To play for the University of St Andrews Golf Team made that experience even more important to me – the combination of the traditions, the people I’ve met through the matches and the wider network, the extraordinary places we played, and the consistently brilliant competition, are highlights of my life.”
    Storm Boswick – MA Honours, 1991
  • “I am proud to support the golf program at the University of St Andrews. The Home of Golf is an iconic place where the history, values and the tradition of the game are intertwined with the culture of the town and the people who reside there.”
    Tom Ross – Managing Director of Raymond James & Associates, 600 Club Member