600 Club

The 600 Club was formed in 2013 when the University held celebrations in honour of its 600-year anniversary. As a performance sport programme we have lofty ambitions both on and off the golf course, these range from being successful in tournament play to providing a world class experience for our players. To achieve these goals, we are helped enormously by the donations and external support from our 600 Club members. Any financial support is channelled straight back into helping the players either via increased coaching, tournament assistance, scholarships or other important aid.

We have also been extremely fortunate to be hosted on many occasions by 600 Club members with these trips having provided wonderful experiences for both hosts and players, some long lasting friendships have been formed through these opportunities.

Members of the 600 Club have voiced their delight at having a special connection to St Andrews and helping young players achieve their goals in the game and at University.

Should you be interested in joining please contact the Head Performance Coach to discuss the different giving levels and the process to donate, your help can make a huge difference!

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“Our community of supporters spreads round the world, all of whom have a vested interest in helping young people achieve excellence both on and off the course.

By providing their valued support they are ensuring we at Saints Golf can be proud of our future as well as our history”

David Watt
Director of Golf 


  • “The golf programme they have at St Andrews is a great option for players who want top level academics but do not want to compromise on the quality of the golf programme - it's a special opportunity to be a student athlete in the Home of Golf.”
    Claude Harmon III
  • “I am proud to support the golf program at the University of St Andrews. The Home of Golf is an iconic place where the history, values and the tradition of the game are intertwined with the culture of the town and the people who reside there.”
    Tom Ross – Managing Director of Raymond James & Associates, 600 Club Member
  • “To play for the University of St Andrews Golf Team made that experience even more important to me – the combination of the traditions, the people I’ve met through the matches and the wider network, the extraordinary places we played, and the consistently brilliant competition, are highlights of my life.”
    Storm Boswick – MA Honours, 1991
  • “Living, playing and studying here in the Home of Golf is a truly unique experience”
    David Watt – Director of Golf, University of St Andrews